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"A sublime document... a wonderful, all-too-brief journey of the unsung jewel of arcade culture, and a delightful homegrown documentary feature that puts its more sophisticated brothers to shame."

—Brian Orndorf
DVD Talk

" and fun, while never making us think that we're wasting our time on a niche's impossible not to stay interested."

—Pete Croatto
Home Media Magazine

"Devotees of flippers, bumpers, and flashing lights will love the six hours of extra material that give an exhaustive look at pinball's history, game designers, and future."

—Isaac Guzman
New York Post

"An honest and intriguing documentary using a wholly original subject. Nearly 7 hours of bonus material almost worthy of a separate release...[the bonus material is] perfection."

—James Musgrove

"The way master pinball designers like George Gomez and Larry DeMar detail the games belies such passion that you can't help but get swept up in invaluable documentary, immensely informative and engaging."

—Glenn Turner
The New Gamer

"...highly entertaining, completely engrossing, and beautifully made."

—Khoi Vinh

"King of Kong has received so much press, but TILT may be of the best, hottest DVD sets we will see for all of 2008."

—Nicholas Sheffo
Fulvue Drive-In

"...a fantastic documentary that appeals to both pinball and video game players alike. Even appealing to anyone that is interested in business, with its in-depth look at the workings of both the pinball and arcade industry...don't make the foolish decision of passing over TILT."

"You don't have to be a fan of pinball to enjoy Greg Maletic's storytelling in TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball; I walked away with an insider's look at the art, craft, and risky business of pinball."

—Kelly Williams
Head Programmer
Austin Film Festival

"...yeah howdy, this thing is good. Great music, great editing...a great story besides. If you ever touched a pinball machine, you'll love this thing."

—Jason Scott
Creator of The BBS Documentary

"A thoughtful and grounded look at the pinball industry's efforts to adapt to the digital age...the interview with 93-year-old pinball flipper inventor and pioneer Steve Kordek is a real gem."
Rated 8 out of 10.

—Gavin Williamson

"TILT captures the essential life and death of pinball's last innovative project."

—Pat Lawlor
Designer of The Addams Family pinball and other legendary games

"TILT is amazing. It gets inside the psyche of the team that created Pinball 2000 while presenting a balanced view of the struggle and ultimate failure of our mission. I will probably never work with such a talented group again, and TILT provides a realistic look at what that team accomplished."

—Larry DeMar
Game industry legend and co-inventor of Defender and Robotron: 2084

"[TILT] is about as good as documentary filmmaking gets."

"Worthwhile viewing. [The film] documents a critical time in pinball history, the moment at which it seemed the industry might disappear for good. A useful history lesson for any pinball or video game fan, or student of technology in general."

—Jim Schelberg
The PinGame Journal

"...a visual time warp through the history of pinball machines. The story of the rise and fall of Williams was fascinating and remarkably touching..."

—Jay Blodgett
Life With Movies and Maxxxxx

"...TILT is easily the most important documentary on the history of gaming to date."

—Jim Squires

...and comments from preview audiences...

"I have to say it's fantastic. Its representation of the geeky allure of pinball is surprisingly sexy. But the film gets at something more universal: the precarious and ephemeral conditions of technology, demand, and culture that give life to particular artistic and engineering efforts, and ultimately take it away. A really fun and thoughtful film."

"...extremely good. For the more general audience, the movie offers a fascinating portrait of how there are many, many more factors at play in "success" than being the best at what you do and developing a great product."

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